For most of my 36 years as a secondary school art and pottery teacher I used this definition of art:

"Art is our way of defining and sharing our response to the world we live in."

My art and my pottery reflect my own personality. Loud and boiseterous I am not. My sweet wife of 49 years still thinks I am way too quiet. She says the analysis of a good friend's small son was apt when he made the reference to me with the words: "Him don't talk."

I love the earth, its gentle nature, simple scenes, earth tones, abstract patterns.

The pots I make speak mostly with a gentle voice, in understated colors. They are made to be used and savored.

I use a small simple electric wheel, or build by hand with the coil or slab methods. I fire by oxidation in a small electric kiln, now usually work with low-fire clay and glazes, but have some stoneware pieces fired at mid-range, cone 3 to 5.

I have no gallery affiliations. Most often the pottery I have made finds its home on the tables and shelves of family and friends. And I could easily be offended if it just sits there, not used and enjoyed.

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